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Oda viking doll

Oda viking doll


In the heart of Viking homesteads, Oda reigns as the Mistress of the Yard, a guardian of wealth and legacy. Draped in the earthy hues of a brown Viking-era costume, she stands as a testament to the enduring strength of women in Norse society.


The name Oda, resonating with the promise of prosperity, encapsulates the essence of her role. When her husband ventured into the distant realms on Viking campaigns, Oda remained the unwavering matriarch, holding the fort with unyielding determination.


A symbol of her authority, a bunch of keys adorns her belt, echoing the power vested in the Mistress of the Yard. These keys, more than just tools, are a manifestation of her control over the estate, a silent testament to the trust placed in her capable hands.


Oda, with her name synonymous with wealth, embodies the resilience and grace of Viking women. Invite the Mistress of the Yard into your abode, and let her symbolize the enduring strength and prosperity within.


Doll height is 20 cm (7,8 in)

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