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Ingrid Viking doll

Ingrid Viking doll


In the mystical realms of the North, where the fjords echo tales of old, Ingrid emerges as a silent guardian draped in the sacred garb of the Vikings. Cloaked in an underdress sundress adorned with the purity of white fur, she dons a traditional Viking costume, a living testament to the bygone eras.

Her fibulae and chest ornaments shimmer like echoes of ancestral stories, each piece a chapter in the saga of her lineage. With hair adorned in timeless Viking fashion, Ingrid bears the weight of history and tradition upon her.

At the heart of her essence lies an ancient ale bowl, the Kjenge, a vessel of celebration and familial bonds. This two-headed dragon-style bowl, reminiscent of the west coast near Voss, symbolizes not only the heritage of her kin but also signifies status and the eternal cycle of fertility.

Ingrid, the faceless guardian, stands as a silent witness to the passing of ages, preserving the essence of celebration, family, and the enduring spirit of the Nordic lands. Welcome her into your home, and let her bring the echoes of the North to your sacred space.

Doll height is 20 cm

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