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Imbolc doll

Imbolc doll


Step into the realm of Imbolc with our exquisite Imbolc Doll, embodying the essence of this Celtic festival and the revered goddess Brigid. Cloaked in a pristine white dress, symbolizing the purity of the season, and adorned with a green apron, she stands as a living tribute to the awakening earth.

In her gentle hands, she cradles a bowl of fire, an homage to the eternal flame kept alive in Brigid’s name. Imbolc marks the stirring of life beneath winter’s frost, a time when the hearth is rekindled, and the promise of spring emerges. Our Imbolc Doll captures this moment of renewal, infusing your space with the warmth of Brigid’s transformative energy.

At her belt, the iconic Brigid’s cross is proudly displayed. This ancient symbol, woven with purpose and devotion, is a testament to the triple aspect of Brigid as the goddess of healing, poetry, and smithcraft. Each crossroads represents a facet of her divine influence, making this doll a conduit for Brigid’s blessings. your fire. This is your night.”

Doll height is 22 cm (8.6 inches)

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