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Helm of awe altar cloth

Helm of awe altar cloth


Elevate your sacred space with our exquisite Handmade Embroidered Altar Cloth, measuring 30*30 cm (1.8 inches), designed to be the perfect foundation for your altar. This stunning cloth features the powerful Helm of Awe symbol intricately embroidered at its center, encircled by a circle of ancient runes.


The Helm of Awe, known as "Ægishjálmr" in Old Norse, is a symbol of protection and strength, believed to instill fearlessness and courage in the heart of those who carry its image. Placing it at the center of your altar cloth invokes the protective energies of this ancient symbol.


Surrounding the Helm of Awe, you'll find a circle of runes, adding to the cloth's aesthetic appeal and its spiritual significance. This altar cloth is not just a beautiful piece of decor but a profound tool for your spiritual practice, connecting you to the protective power of the Helm of Awe and the wisdom of the runes.


Order yours today and let the Handmade Embroidered Helm of Awe with Runes Altar Cloth infuse your sacred space with the essence of protection, strength, and ancient Norse wisdom.

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