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Candle made of honeycomb

Candle made of honeycomb


Elevate your pagan practice with our Natural Beeswax Candle, crafted from the sacred honeycomb. This exquisite candle embodies the purest essence of nature, entwined with the ancient wisdom of pagan traditions.

Our candles are born from 100% natural beeswax, representing the sacred bond between humanity and nature. The gentle, golden radiance they emit encapsulates the enchantment of the honeycomb, a symbol of unity and the sweetness of life.

Honeycomb is revered for its healing and spiritual properties, known for centuries as a symbol of nurturing abundance. With this candle, you can tap into its magic, inviting its blessings into your sacred space.

Illuminate your pagan path with the essence of honeycomb. Add our Honeycomb Beeswax Candle to your cart and experience the transformative magic of this sacred offering.

Height 12cm (4,8 in)

Diameter 2.5cm (1 in)

Burning time 1.5hours

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