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Vegvisir protective beads

Vegvisir protective beads


Protective beads - length 1 m, pendant size 5x5 cm (1,96x1,96 in)


Embark on a spiritual journey guided by the wisdom of the ancients with our Wooden Vegvisir Pendant. This exquisite pendant, adorned with beads, is more than just an accessory; it's a symbol of protection and navigation in the Norse tradition.


At the heart of this pendant lies the Vegvisir, a powerful symbol also known as the "Norse Compass." It's a symbol of guidance and protection, believed to help the bearer find their way through life's challenges and uncertainties. Wearing it serves as a constant reminder of the power of direction and protection in the Norse pagan belief.


The accompanying beads are not only ornamental but also designed for meditation practice. Each bead can be a focal point during your meditation sessions, facilitating a deeper connection with the wisdom and guidance that the Vegvisir represents.


Order your Wooden Vegvisir Pendant with Beads today and set your course with confidence, protected and guided by the wisdom of the Vegvisir.

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