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The Wheal of the year calendar

The Wheal of the year calendar


Welcome to an enchanting journey through the cycles of nature and the depths of your own spirit. This Interactive Pagan Calendar-Planner is a meticulously crafted guide that beckons you to explore the magic of the Wheel of the Year. Ideal for practitioners of Asatru, Celtic, and Wiccan traditions, as well as those new to the path, this calendar is your key to a year filled with meaningful celebrations, spiritual growth, and profound connections.


What's Inside:


- Pagan Holidays: Immerse yourself in the beauty of 39 carefully curated pages, each dedicated to a unique celebration. Uncover the deeper meanings of these holidays and discover creative ways to celebrate.


- Lunar Wisdom: Connect with the moon's cycles through our lunar calendar. Learn how the moon's phases influence your spiritual journey, adding another layer of insight.


- Runic Half Months: Each month, delve into the energy of the Runes. Use them as guides for meditation and reflection, enhancing your spiritual practice.


- Interactive Reflection: Capture your thoughts and experiences through our reflection questions. Journal your path of personal growth, connection to nature, rituals, acceptance, and gratitude.


Additional Information:


- 35 Pages:

- Format A4: Easily printable in A4 format, this calendar is both accessible and user-friendly.


Don't miss this opportunity to deepen your connection with nature, the divine, and your inner self. Join us on this enchanted journey today.

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