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Eir pendant

Eir pendant


Step into the realm of Norse healing and wellness with our Handmade Carved Wooden Pendant of Eir. This exquisite pendant is a tribute to Eir, the goddess of medicine and healing in Norse mythology.


Measuring 8 x 4 cm (3 x 1.5 inches), this pendant is meticulously crafted from linden wood, a material known for its natural beauty and durability. It's not just a piece of jewelry; it's a symbol of health, vitality, and the wisdom of Eir.


The centerpiece of this pendant is a trio of powerful symbols. The mortar and sickle, intricately carved into the wood, represent the tools of herbalists and healers, reflecting Eir's domain of herbal remedies and healthcare. These symbols are a nod to the ancient Norse traditions of natural healing.


The Yggdrasil tree, the cosmic world tree that connects all realms, completes this stunning pendant. It serves as a reminder of the interconnectedness of life and the harmony that Eir brings to those who seek her healing touch.


Whether you're a dedicated follower of Norse paganism or simply appreciate the rich symbolism and craftsmanship of Viking culture, our Handmade Carved Wooden Pendant of Eir is a symbol of well-being and the profound connection between nature and healing.

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