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Fly agaric cup, plate

Fly agaric cup, plate

PriceFrom $40.00

Embrace the Magic of Nature with our New Ceramic Collection! Introducing our enchanting green cup, intricately designed with a handle shaped like a mushroom, accompanied by a whimsical mushroom motif on the front wall. Each piece is lovingly coated with a lustrous glaze, adding a touch of elegance to your pagan rituals.

Size Conversions:

- Cup: Approximately 8.8 fl oz (US), 8.8 oz (UK), 250 ml (International)

- Plate: Approximately 5.1 inches, 13 cm

Bring the spirit of the forest into your daily rituals. Elevate your collection by pairing the cup with a coordinating plate adorned with fly agarics. Unveil the magic in every sip and serve.

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