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Runic cardholder

Runic cardholder


Size 11*7*1 cm (4.3in *2.75in *0.39in)

This exceptional cardholder is a fusion of personalization, symbolism, and craftsmanship. You have the freedom to select any runic symbol, making this accessory a unique reflection of your beliefs and aspirations. The addition of mountains adds another layer of meaning to this quality leather product.



Runes are ancient symbols, each carrying its own significance. When you choose a rune, it becomes a personalized symbol of protection, guidance, or a quality you wish to embody.

Mountains are symbols of stability, inner strength, and the enduring quest for personal growth. They represent the challenges we overcome and the heights we aim to reach.


Product Features:

- Crafted from high-quality, natural leather for longevity.

- Personalized with your chosen rune, adding a unique touch.

- Adorned with mountain imagery, reflecting your journey.

- Designed to hold your bank cards, ID, driver’s license, and more.

- Practical organization with two slots in front and one in the back.


Invest in a personalized piece of craftsmanship that tells your story and carries the symbolic weight of your chosen rune and the enduring spirit of mountains. This cardholder isn't just a purchase; it's a reflection of your journey and the heights you strive to achieve.

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