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Runic aroma lamp

Runic aroma lamp


Enhance your sacred space with the captivating charm of our Ceramic Round Aroma Lamp, adorned with five ancient runes on all sides. This unique lamp not only adds an enchanting touch to your altar but also serves as a versatile tool for meditation and aromatic experiences.


Each of the five runes inscribed on the lamp carries its own significance, making it a source of mystique and symbolism. When you place a candle inside, the soft light shines through the runes, casting their ancient symbols and wisdom upon the walls of your altar, creating an ambiance of reverence.


But this lamp has more to offer. It's designed to hold both a candle and a small amount of water with aromatic oil. As the candle heats the water, it diffuses the calming aroma into your sacred space, creating an atmosphere conducive to meditation and spiritual reflection.


Order yours today and let the beauty and symbolism of the runes, combined with the soothing aroma, elevate your altar and meditation sessions, creating a tranquil and spiritually enriched experience.

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