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Pumpkin lamp glazed

Pumpkin lamp glazed


Add a touch of enchantment to your Norse pagan celebrations with our Ceramic Pumpkin Lamp Candleholder. This delightful piece serves as both an altar decor and a tribute to the harvest festivals of Mabon and Samhain.


Crafted with intricate detail, this ceramic pumpkin lamp offers a unique blend of whimsy and reverence. With a hole designed to hold a candle, it casts a warm and inviting glow that symbolizes the essence of these harvest festivals.


As the seasons change and Mabon and Samhain approach, this candleholder will become a cherished part of your altar decor. Its pumpkin shape reflects the bountiful harvest and the cycles of nature, making it a beautiful addition to your celebrations.


Order yours today and let the warmth and symbolism of this piece add a touch of magic and reverence to your Mabon and Samhain celebrations.

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