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Njord god statue

Njord god statue

$100.00 Regular Price
$85.00Sale Price

Immerse yourself in the realm of Norse mythology with our Handmade Carved Wooden Statue of Njord. This finely crafted 14 cm (5.5 inches) statue pays tribute to Njord, the Norse god of the sea and seafaring.


With intricate details, this statue captures the essence of Njord's domain. Sea waves, expertly carved, surround the figure, symbolizing his connection to the vast oceans. Fish, representing the abundant marine life, are at his side, highlighting his role as the provider.


In the distance, a Viking ship gracefully rides the water, underscoring Njord's association with seafaring and exploration. This statue is not only a piece of art but a profound link to the deity of the sea and sailors.


Whether you are a follower of Norse paganism or appreciate the craftsmanship, our Handmade Carved Wooden Statue of Njord will add the spirit of the sea to your sacred space.


Evoke the maritime world and the god of seafaring with this extraordinary representation. Allow Njord's energies, personified by sea waves, fish, and a Viking ship, to enrich your spiritual journey.

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