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Moon phases altar

Moon phases altar


Introducing our Wooden Altar, a sacred space for your spiritual practice deeply rooted in Norse mythology. Crafted with precision, this 30-centimeter altar (approximately 11.8 inches) provides a tangible connection to the ancient traditions.

Adorned with meticulously carved runes and the phases of the moon, our altar serves as a powerful tool for practitioners. Each rune carries its unique energy and significance: from Fehu symbolizing wealth and abundance to Ansuz representing divine inspiration. Harness the wisdom of runic symbols as you engage in your spiritual rituals.

The lunar cycles, depicted on the altar, add another layer of mystical energy. Align your practices with the waxing and waning moon, tapping into the different energies each phase offers. The new moon signifies new beginnings, while the full moon amplifies spiritual power and manifestation.

Place a candle in the center, let its flame illuminate the sacred space, and channel your intentions. Whether you're a novice exploring Norse spirituality or a seasoned practitioner, our Wooden Altar provides a versatile foundation for your rituals. Immerse yourself in the rich symbolism of runes and lunar cycles, enhancing the depth and intentionality of your spiritual journey.

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