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Jormungand statue

Jormungand statue

$100.00 Regular Price
$85.00Sale Price

Unleash the power of Norse mythology with our Handmade Carved Wooden Statue of Jormungand. This 14 cm (5.5 inches) work of art, meticulously crafted from linden wood, captures the essence of the Midgard Serpent.


Jormungand, the great serpent encircling the world, is beautifully depicted in this statue. Its sinuous form, a symbol of life's endless cycles, weaves with intricate detail. As a creature of chaos and creation, the Midgard Serpent is both a force of nature and a mythic symbol.


This statue offers a unique connection to the enigmatic world of Norse mythology. Whether you're a devoted follower of the Northern traditions or a collector of fine craftsmanship, our Handmade Carved Wooden Statue of Jormungand is a striking addition to your sacred space.


Embrace the mystery of the Midgard Serpent and the boundless cycles it represents with this extraordinary statue. Let it infuse your spiritual journey with the intriguing power of Norse mythos.

  • Exclusive card with information

    Before shipping you will receive special informational card about the god, where you can find main attributes, symbols, short description and appeal. Best tool for newcomers

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