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Idunn doll

Idunn doll


In the tranquil groves of the ancient forests, where whispers of the old gods linger, Idunn emerges as a guardian of timeless vitality and renewal. Draped in a verdant green dress, reminiscent of the lush foliage of spring, she adorns herself with a dark green apron adorned with the sacred Yggdrasil tree, symbolizing the interconnectedness of all life.

Her hair, the color of sun-kissed wheat, cascades in gentle waves adorned with delicate beads, each one a symbol of life's infinite cycle. In her hands, she cradles a plate of radiant apples, the legendary fruits of youth and immortality, each one a testament to the eternal vitality she bestows upon the world.

As the keeper of the golden orchard, Idunn embodies the essence of rejuvenation and eternal youth. With every bite of her sacred apples, she offers the promise of renewal and the eternal cycle of life, reminding us of the boundless potential for growth and transformation that resides within each of us.

Embrace the presence of Idunn in your home, and let her gentle spirit infuse your space with the essence of vitality and renewal. Welcome her into your sacred space, and let her be a beacon of hope and renewal in your journey through the cycles of life.

Doll height is 20 cm (7,8 in)

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