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Hel statue

Hel statue

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Embrace the mystique of Norse mythology with our Handmade Carved Wooden Statue of Hel. Standing at 14 cm (5.5 inches) and masterfully crafted from linden wood, this statue pays homage to Hel, the enigmatic ruler of the realm of the deceased.


Hel's form is divided in half, symbolizing the duality of life and death. One half of her body represents life with intricate details, while the other half transitions into the macabre with a skull, bones, and the skulls of the deceased, which she diligently watches over. In her hand, she holds a staff made of bones, a testament to her dominion over the afterlife. A snake gracefully intertwines around her, embodying the cycle of life, death, and rebirth.


This statue not only offers a stunning work of art but also a profound connection to the guardian of the realm of the deceased. Whether you follow Norse paganism or simply appreciate fine craftsmanship, our Handmade Carved Wooden Statue of Hel will bring the presence of this complex deity into your sacred space.


Immerse yourself in the symbolism of life's dual nature and the unending cycle of existence with this extraordinary representation of Hel. Experience the powerful and enigmatic energy that surrounds the guardian of the Norse underworld.

  • Exclusive card with information

    Before shipping you will receive special informational card about the god, where you can find main attributes, symbols, short description and appeal. Best tool for newcomers

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