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Hecate altar

Hecate altar


Step into the mystique of Hecate's realm with our 30 cm Triad Altar. Crafted in reverence to the triple aspect of this powerful goddess - maiden, mother, and crone -each stage symbolizing the stages of life and the cycles of the moon. The intricately carved figures bring forth the essence of Hekate's diverse energies.

As the guardian of crossroads, magic, and the underworld, Hecate's triad form embodies the continuity of life's journey. Place offerings, conduct rituals, or use this altar for divination, tapping into the profound energies associated with each manifestation.

This handcrafted altar serves as a focal point for connecting with Hecate's wisdom’s and invoking her guidance . Embrace the transformative power of the Hecate and infuse your spiritual practices with the power rofound energies of the divine triad."

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