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Freya doll

Freya doll


Amidst the ancient landscapes of the North, where the whispers of gods and goddesses still linger, Freya emerges, a silent sentinel draped in the sacred attire of the divine. Adorned in a crimson sundress, intricately embroidered with motifs of antiquity, she embodies the essence of beauty and grace.

Around her waist, a feline companion rests, a symbol of her fierce independence and intuitive wisdom. With each step, she exudes confidence and power, her presence commanding attention and reverence.

Around her neck, a necklace glimmers with divine significance, each gemstone a reflection of her sovereignty over love and fertility. And dangling from her ears, delicate earrings sway like echoes of ancient melodies, whispering secrets of forgotten realms.

Though her face remains hidden, her aura radiates strength and protection, offering solace to those who seek her presence. For Freya, goddess of love and beauty, is a beacon of hope in a world of uncertainty—a guardian of the sacred, a keeper of divine wisdom.

Doll height is approximately 20 cm (7,8 in)

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