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Altar cloth for Yule

Altar cloth for Yule


Elevate your Yule celebrations with our exquisite Handmade Embroidered Altar Cloth, measuring 30*30 cm (1.8 inches). Designed to serve as the perfect foundation for your Yule altar, this beautiful cloth is a tribute to the essence of the winter solstice.


At its center, we've intricately embroidered runes, invoking the ancient magic and symbolism of the Norse tradition. Surrounding the runes is a delicate pattern of mistletoe, a plant steeped in mythology and symbolism, often associated with protection, healing, and the festive spirit of Yule.


Order yours today and let the Handmade Embroidered Yule Altar Cloth infuse your Yule celebrations with the wisdom and energy of the Norse traditions and the festive spirit of the season.

  • Production time and return

    There is no refund or exchange, all things are made to order individually. The production of product takes 2 weeks + delivery 2 weeks usually

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