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Völva doll

Völva doll

PriceFrom $50.00

Behold the Völva Doll, a mystical embodiment of ancient Nordic spirituality and seership. Adorned with ethereal horns that reach towards unseen realms, she wears a shamanic outfit adorned with fringes, capturing the essence of a seeress connected to the spirit world.

Her face veiled by an enigmatic mask, intricately embroidered with traditional motifs, the Völva Doll conceals the mysteries she beholds. Her hands, capable of movement, invite you to witness the dance of ancient wisdom and divination. As you gaze upon her, feel the echoes of the spiritual journey she undertakes on behalf of her community.

To enhance the sacred aura, this extraordinary doll comes with a tambourine crafted from natural leather. The rhythmic beats echo the heartbeat of the cosmos, resonating with the ancient practices of the Völva. Embrace the enchantment of the unseen, as this Völva Doll becomes a conduit for the wisdom that transcends the ordinary.

Size: 20 cm (7,8 in)

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