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Pumpkin cup

Pumpkin cup


Introducing our Handmade Pumpkin Glazed Ceramic Cup, a perfect embodiment of autumn vibes and the enchanting celebrations of Mabon and Samhain. With a capacity of 250-300ml (10 oz), this unique cup features a charming pumpkin shape, paying tribute to the rich traditions of the season.


Crafted with love, this cup brings a touch of the autumn spirit to your daily life. Its design captures the cozy essence of fall, making it an ideal companion for your rituals, gatherings, or moments of personal reflection during this magical time of year.


This cup is not only a beautiful piece of art but also fully functional, designed to hold your hot and cold beverages with ease. Whether you're sipping a warm brew to soothe your soul on a crisp evening or enjoying a refreshing drink, our Pumpkin Glazed Ceramic Cup is the perfect addition to your autumn-inspired collection.

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