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Yule interview with practicing heathen

Updated: Dec 21, 2020

One of pagans shared his Yule preparation with his ritual and we made a tiny interview to share his experience.

- Hi, introduce yourself to my subscribers, please.

- Hey, I'm Dennis from the Westerwald, Germany

- Let's start from some basic questions, how long you are in paganism?

- My parents say I drank too much water from Norwegian fjords as a kid. That was the start. The gods have sent me signs all my life. I have understood these signs for a few years. I adore nature and the old gods. I am becoming more pagan, spiritual, every year.

- Do you celebrate all the year's wheel holidays?

- I started this year with the Samhain Festival (Halloween). I went to the forest alone at night and sang songs for our ancestors. This year I started with the Yule wreath. Last Christmas I vowed to start this year and make videos.

- How do you celebrate Yule?

- I usually celebrate Christmas in a typically German way. With the family with a Christmas tree and an Advent wreath. It's funny that a Nordmann fir is adored. Christianity comes from the desert. Do fir trees grow there? No! The worship of these trees goes back to Teutons, Celts & Slavs. It is ancient pagan tradition to worship these evergreen trees. Evergreen stands for eternal life. We come to the advent wreath. This year I built it in the form of a cross, because it's elder Nordic symbol.

- What kind of candles do you use for ritual?

- I usually use natural beeswax candles to get bigger connection with nature. I take five of them: 4 are getting placed outside and 1 in the middle. This 4 means as 4 season. At the 1st December I light up middle candle and 3 more of them (all except one small candle). Remember to appreciate gods for that year while you burn up and down this candles, feel the connection between you and them from every candle's warmth and talk to them. In two weeks before Yule (7th of December) I light up middle candle and 2 small. 14th of December I only have middle candle and 1 more. 21st of December is Yule's god festival so I put out the last small candle and light up all 4 of them from middle candle. I express my appreciation to the gods and put out small candles one by one saying appeals to them. At the end the only one is left is middle candle, symbol of last year. I save middle candle to make 4 small candles for next year's wreath. I also burn the wreath down on 21st lf December to respect the sun.

- What's happening 12 Yule nights?

- Wreath is burn down and this 12 days are symbols of 12 months. So each day I do Utiseta (meditation) and think about next year's months one by one by respecting the gods.

- Where do you get knowledges about how to celebrate holidays?

- I go to the forests of my home and ask the druids who live there. They tell me all about our holidays. That was a bit of fun). Unfortunately, it's very difficult to find out about our holidays. I hardly know people who are familiar with or deal with these topics. So I read a lot of books and develop my own ideas. In this regard, I was already made aware by Germans that the Yule lamp does not belong to the Yule wreath. This is a method that I developed because I liked it. I think of the gods and honor our ancestors. I guess that's what should count What is right and what is wrong? It's in the eye of the beholder, right? I think right is to do something and wrong is not to do!

- How did your celebration changed through the years?

- It's first time I celebrate Yule with that type of wreath. I'm changing the celebration this year specifically. So we can talk about what I've changed in a few years. One thing is very special this year. The forest is currently dying in my homeland. My family and I bought live fir trees in a pot. These are on the balcony and in the garden. We will plant them in spring and do something for natURe. This is exactly what our ancestors did. They worshiped living trees. You protect nature!

- Can you share something, that every pagan will be able to do?

- Get Spiritual. Operations Nordic meditation (Utiseta). Be honest / never lie. Karma will reward you if you are honest. Do something for nature. My definition of sacrifice is not to sacrifice animals to the gods, my definition of sacrifice is to sacrifice food to animals. Go to the forest in winter and give food to the animals. Nature is our religion, the earth is our temple.

- I'm big winter lover so for me, Yule is my favourite holiday, do you feel the same?

- It's nice that you love winter. I feel the same. The Jul time brings and calm. The calm before the 12 rough nights begin. During this time we process the 12 months of the year. Winter also stands for us northern people. We come to rest during this time. Think a lot and wait for spring, which will bring life back to our nature!

I want to thank everyone who read this interview, wish it was useful to you and Yule blessings to you all!

You can also see more on his YouTube:

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